Day #7: The Unsung Hero

Day 7

Day 7

Today’s story is not so much a story as it is a hope of a story.

My colleague sent me this video, which albeit is sponsored by Thai Life Insurance (I believe), basically brought me to tears.

It’s the story of the unsung hero who continues to help out where he can everyday, not because of the fame, fortune or success it brings, but because it makes him happy and it makes the people he helps happy too.

There is a character in this film who shakes his head as he watches this man do selfless things everyday. He’s the voice in our world that tells us it’s foolish to put others before ourselves. That it’s pointless to hand over dollar bills to children on the street, or feed a starving dog. He’s the voice that tells us everyday that we aren’t making a difference.

But he’s wrong. And so is everyone that tells us this.

The best thing we can do is help someone in need. You may not feel the reward, or the thanks, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t just change the world in some small way.

I’ve only got 6 posts left in the 40 Days of Good News, so please help me finish off this project right, and send me your stories of good news and generosity.

Thank you!