Everything you need to plan a bachelorette party getaway

Planning a bachelorette party getaway can be extremely fun, but also time consuming and stressful if you don’t have the right tools.

This past weekend, we celebrated by sister’s bachelorette party in San Diego, CA. I did a lot of researching leading up to the weekend, and a lot of Pinteresting looking for resources, i.e. packing lists, agenda templates, grocery lists, game ideas and templates, etc., but never found exactly what I was looking for, so I made my own.

These are the tools and agendas I created to keep guests in the loop and make sure we didn’t overspend on un-nessecary items.

  1. Agenda/Itinerary Template
  2. Menu Plan & Grocery List
  3. Jeopardy Game Questions & Answers Doc
  4. Other Game ideas



Download Bachelorette Itinerary Here




Download the Menu Plan




Download the Bachelorette Jeopardy Template




The Hide-and-Seek Undie game: Grab 3-5 pairs of bridal undies, put them in a small decorative bags and ask bartenders at 3-5 local bartenders to help you by hiding the bags somewhere on the bar. Then divide the ladies into two groups, and send them hunting for the panties. They have to seek out the undies by deciding which bars to interrogate about the undies. When they find a pair, they all buy a shot or drink. The first group to find either 2 of 3 pairs, or 3 of 5 pairs, will get a round of shots or beers paid for by the losing group (or the organizer).



Donkey-300x206Pin the Tail on the Groom Game: In replication of the classic pin the tail on the donkey game, create a poster of the groom, print out a series of “tails” and have the girls blindly try to pin the tail on the groom. Closest wins.



If anyone is looking for specific locations and things to do in San Diego here’s a short list of great spots:

  • The Blind Burro – Great dinner spot in downtown SD
  • The Patio – Fun happy hour and breakfast place in Pacific Beach ( a little nicer)
  • Moonshine Flats – Country Bar in downtown SD
  • Duck Dive – A little more laid back but fun bar in Pacific Beach (they’ve got Karaoke)
  • Everyday California – Fun kayak rental spot in La Jolla.

Good luck!

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