Day #1: Healing

Day 1

Day 1

Today is the last day of the 40 Days of Good News project, and since getting to this point feels like a miracle in itself, I thought it best to leave you with one last miracle.

My uncle once knew a man who from time to time was a patient at the hospital he worked at.

This tall, thin, Ojibwe man was special in many ways; including having been born with organs positioned on the opposite side of his body. This rare occurrence is why medical students are instructed to check both sides of the body when trying to find a heartbeat.

This man was also special in the way he served others. As a leader in his community he was often called on for help, and readily gave it. To all who knew him, he was a holy man.

One day my uncle came into the hospital to find the man hooked up to a breathing machine, and other life-sustaining equipment. The man had already lived longer than most with the condition, and was dying.

When my uncle went in to visit him, he noticed the man’s leather medicine bundle lay nearby. It was adorned with beads and feathers and appeared ancient.

When my uncle returned the next morning the scene was very different. Doctors and nurses crammed the room, confused by what they were witnessing.

The man was better. The life-sustaining equipment had been disconnected, and although the man lay in an unresponsive state, he was vocally chanting.  His wife told my uncle that the man had been chanting those unrecognizable songs all night.

When the man had recovered to the point of responsiveness, my uncle went to talk to him. He told my uncle that he had gone to the after world, but the elders surrounded him and told him he needed to go back, his work for the people was not complete.

This man lived on for another year, devoting himself to the service of his community.

“There are many things in this life you may not understand, but don’t be distressed by it, someday we may understand.”  

“[This man] understood mysterious things, he lived very much in this world, but just this side of the other side.”


Thank you again for all the amazing stories. I hope you’ve enjoyed the 40 days of good news as much as I have. It’s been a pleasure to get to share your stories and inspiration. I hope to continue to write about the generosity, and goodness of those around us, thought most likely less frequently.

If you ever have a story to share, please feel free to send it my way.




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