Day #3: Help crossing the street

Day 3

Day 3

A woman was at a busy intersection,waiting for her turn to go, when she noticed an elderly woman crossing the street.

It had snowed that day and roads we’re tricky, so she grew worried as she saw the woman trying to cross the street against the red light.

When the elderly woman neared a pile of snow in the street she began walking in circles, apparently unsure if she should continue on or return back the way she came.

Next thing she knew, a man a few cars over got out of his vehicle and walked up to the elderly woman. He took her arm and began talking to her.

During the discussion the woman pointed to a building on the other corner. It was an assisted living home and apparently the woman was trying to return to it.

The man left his car where it was and walked the woman across the street, taking care she didn’t slip and fall.

This man probably missed two or three green lights returning the elderly woman to her home, and most likely was late to wherever he was originally headed, but that night he gave someone something they desperately needed, and everyone who saw his act of kindness received a little but of hope and inspiration.

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Thanks again for all the great stories. I love to hear them and retell them.



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