Day #2: Sportsmanship at its finest

2 Days LeftMinnesota cross-country skier Jesse Diggins has skied in competitions around the world, including the 2014 Olympics.

While racing in Lillehammer Diggins was skiing the anchor position in the relay. She was tagged in from her teammate to be in a close third place.

Norway 1 was far in the lead, but she was close behind Finland, with Sweden and Norway 2 trailing close behind her.

She managed to speed pass Finland, but on a downhill corner, she caught an edge and fell hard, breaking her left pole.

She struggled getting up the next hill, but as she was coming down she saw something unexpected. A Norwegian coach was standing at the bottom holding a spare pole out onto the track for her to grab.

This was not this man’s job. It would have been well within his right to just watch her struggle as she skied by. Especially since Norway 2 was chasing her down, looking for the last medal spot.

But instead this man had heard over the radio that she had broken her pole and had rushed over to help give her a fighting chance.

Because of his act of kindness, Diggins was able to hold onto 3rd place, and claim a medal position.

This is a true representation of sportsmanship.


Thanks again for all the great stories.


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