Day #4: The Student/Teacher Bond

Day 4Today’s post is about a teacher that knows the importance of leaving the classroom.

A 3rd grade teacher and her husband recently attended a piano recital in which one of her students was performing.

The couple walked into the church, took their seats and quickly caught the eye of the student who was there to perform. The student’s smile was priceless.

He walked over to couple, said hello, and led them to sit in the pew with his parents and family friends.

All through the concert, the boy continued to look over at his teacher and smile proudly. After his individual performance, he again came over to his teacher and smiled a huge smile.

“During the school year the relationship between a teacher and a student is very special.  When a teacher takes the time to watch a student participate in their out of school activities they help raise the students self esteem and with that their love of school.”

These simple acts of kindness go a long way. Even now I still remember the teachers that took the extra time to show me a kindness. Those kindnesses always made me want to work harder in their classes. It’s these teachers that know truly what it takes to help a child grow…trust and respect.

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Thanks again for all your amazing stories. Please continue to send them my way in these last few days.


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