Day #5: Colleagues of kindness

keep-calm-only-5-days-left-3You know those days when everything seems to overlap and go wrong? A few months back I had a day like that.

I had been working intently on a project for several weeks, and I kept getting push back from one person. On top of that, new projects seemed to be piling up, and I couldn’t give anything my full attention.

Running from work to home, working late, nerves about presentations; it was all adding up.

After receiving a new list of to-dos and ongoing negative criticism from the same person, I was at my breaking point.

My co-worker could see I was going to lose it. Quietly she asked me to get some coffee with her.

Holding back tears and grabbing my purse I walked with her gladly out of the office.

We walked for 20 minutes, clearing the air and letting go of the frustration.

I was so glad for the support that day. I didn’t ask for it, but somehow she knew I needed it.

It’s these kinds of little gifts that make me so thankful.


Please keep sending me your stories of good news and generosity.

Only 4 days left!


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