Day #6: Going flat

Day 6

Today’s story is from Travis.

Three years ago, while living in Milwaukee, Travis got a flat tire on his new (yet previously owned) car. The car itself was a huge investment, which left little to no money for repairs.

As a quick fix, he found a local mechanic who replaced the flat tire with a used tire for very little money. It was a quick fix.

The next few weeks became extremely busy. While fun, it necessitated a lot of driving.

During that time he was asked to stand in a friend’s wedding. The morning of, Travis left his house an hour early, expecting to arrive at the wedding 20 minutes in advance.

It was a cloudy day, and as he was driving a light rain began to fall. Not nearly enough to cause poor visibility or create poor driving conditions; or so he thought.

A few minutes into the trip, he merged onto I-43. This part of the road was windy and not well banked.

As he came around the second bend, his car began spinning out of control. He made several attempts to regain control, but they all failed.

The shock of crossing three lanes of traffic on a busy freeway quickly faded. When he came to his senses, he saw that he had crashed into the median head on. The car was firmly pressed to the median and the driver side door was squarely aligned to oncoming traffic.

While still in shock of surviving the crash, he waited for another car to come around the bend and smash into him. He knew if that happened it would have been the end.

But nothing happened. No cars came.

He knew he needed to get out of the car before anyone else came down the road. He forced his car door open, and got out. As he looked down the road, he quickly realized why he was still alive.

A stranger had stopped his SUV in the middle of the road in such a way to block all oncoming traffic. The man stood in the middle of the freeway waving cars around the scene.

This gentlemen saw Travis get out of his car, and ran quickly to his side to ask if he was alright.

After a quick once over Travis realized he didn’t have a scratch.

The gentlemen helped calm him down, called the police, and waited with Travis until he knew he was alright.

Travis never got the man’s name and through the course of the trauma has forgotten what the man looked like, but the stranger’s actions serve as a reminder to Travis of God’s grace.

“He could have easily gone around me or been more concerned about how he was going to accomplish his tasks for the day; but instead his humanity and compassion came through in an act that may have seemed small to him, but was life changing for me. ”

Travis' car after the crash

Travis’ car after the crash

Please continue to send me your stories of good news and kindness.

Thank you.


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