Day #8: The Real-World Tortoise and the Hare

Day 8Today’s story is mostly self-serving. I heard this story today, and it’s serving as my motivation to push through and finish up the remaining 8 days of good news… with a smile. I hope it helps you get through whatever obstacle comes your way.

In 1983, the Melbourne Ultra Marathon – a 566-mile foot race that started in Sydney, Australia, and ended in Melbourne was just about to begin when a man, named Cliff Young, a 61-year-old potato farmer, walked up to the starting line wearing overalls and rain boots.

People thrust microphones in his face and immediately cast him aside as the obvious loser of the race. What they didn’t know was that Young had herded sheep his whole life, traveling 2,000 acres by foot to collect 2,000 sheep.

Young began slowly, his feet barely trudging along, and he was quickly confirmed a fool for attempting to race amidst the world’s best athletes.

But, when night hit, and the rest of the athletes got a solid six hours of sleep, Young continued to run. I’m unsure if no one told him he was allowed to sleep, or if his work ethic just kept him moving, but for five days, and fifteen hours, Young just kept on moving.

He won the Ultra Marathon and set several endurance records.

When he got the check for ten thousand dollars, he told the organizers he was unaware there was a prize for winning. He felt bad, saying the rest of the athletes had worked just as hard as him, so he divided the winnings among all the athletes who had competed.

Every time I begin to complain about the tough time I’m having, or the struggle to get something finished, I will remember Young. I’ll remember him trudging along the rain soaked streets of Australia in overalls, and I’ll tell myself “just keep moving.”

So, to all of you, “just keep moving.” The finish line might be closer than you think.

Thanks for all the great stories. Please send me any story of good news or generosity and help me finish off the last few days of “40 Day of Good News.

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