Day #11: Returning what was lost

Day 11

Day 11

Today’s story is about going the extra mile to make someone’s day easier.

A woman and her coworker went to the park for lunch one day, and while they were there found a credit card on the ground.

They picked it up and went back to their office.  They decided to do a couple Facebook searches to get more information about the woman who the card belonged to.

They discovered the woman worked in their office building.

They used that information and some more in-depth building inquiries to get in touch with her. The woman was able to pick up her lost card that day without the hassle of extended worrying and calls to the bank.She was very grateful.

If anyone has ever lost their wallet or credit card before, you know how much it sucks. It drains you emotionally and leaves you feeling exposed.

These woman in particular understood the feeling, and were glad to help.

Thanks again for all the great stories. Please keep sending me your stories of good news and generosity.


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