Day #10: Starting Fresh

Day 10

Day 10

My good friend moved home after college, while she saved up money as an intern. After a year and a half she was going a little crazy living at home, and after finding a full-time position was ready to move out and find a roommate.

It was on Thanksgiving, while they were decorating the Christmas tree, that her brother finally suggested she reach out to an old friend’s sister. She hadn’t spoken to the girl in a while but she decided to message the girl anyways and ask if she would ever consider getting a roommate.

My friend assumed the girl would probably blow her off, because she was older and probably not interested in sharing her apartment.

About an hour later her phone rang. It was her friend’s sister and she was crying.

She said that she had decided to take a nap because she was so stressed out about how she would pay her rent next week. When she woke up, she saw the message and believed it was an answer to her prayer.

The girls soon moved in together.

A couple of months went by and it soon became evident that my friend’s new roommate had some serious debt.

The girls had grown so close that on her roommate’s birthday, my friend decided to pay the full $550 electricity bill, “not because of the money, but because [she] knew it would take a small burden off of her shoulders.”

In the birthday card my friend wrote what she had done and said they were “starting fresh.” Her roommate said it was one of the best gifts she had ever received.

While money issues still persist, to this day that bill has been paid on time.

Thank you for all the amazing stories. Please continue to send your stories of good news and generosity my way.



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