Day #14: A generous tip

Day 14

Day 14

Last week a waitress in Little Falls, MN was given a $200.00 tip on a meal that totaled $14.46. Why? Because the diner appreciated her attitude and work ethic.

“If I could have left her a $2,000 tip, I would have,” Blom [the diner] said in an email to Fox 9.

The diner ordered French toast and a side of sausage, totaling only $14.46. The diner explained she had recently gotten a higher paying job and wanted to share with the waitress who made her meal so enjoyable.

The waitress, who plans to use the money towards nursing studies, estimated the tip was more than a week’s, maybe two, worth of tips.

The manager of the restaurant triple checked with the patron that she intended to leave the full amount. “Absolutely,” the woman said.

Moved to tears by the generous gift, the waitress was so thankful of the diner’s generosity.

For someone who more likely than not experiences rude or impatient customers, this kindness is so refreshing, Anyone who has every worked in the service industry knows that the smallest act of thanks or appreciation goes so far, especially when your feet and back are aching.


Thanks for all the great stories. Please keep sending me your tales of generosity and kindness.

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