Day #15: Chesed – Loving kindness

Day 15

Day 15

Note: I missed yesterday’s post because of a busy schedule. This kind story is worth waiting for though.

This story is from a co-worker:

When she was 18, she worked regularly at a coffee shop.  One day at work, one of the regular patrons, a pretty devout Jewish guy, asked for a favor.

She was leaving tomorrow for two weeks of travel in France—it was the first time she’d be traveling alone. He handed her an unmarked envelope and asked her if, in his stead, she would donate it to any charity of her choosing while she was away, saying it was part of his religious practice.

The envelope felt as if it had two big coins in it, and some paper – either money or a note.  She folded it up in a little inside pocket of her suitcase.

On her last day in Paris she took it to a tiny shop she’d walked past in Montmarte. In the window was a little note that explained that they sold used books and little gifts and gave the money to a shelter for women and children in the northern suburbs.

In the midst of the kind of “scam-laden neighborhood,” the two old ladies working in the store both seemed very “nun-like, innocent and sweet,” to her. She bought herself a little notebook and as she was leaving, left the envelope on the counter.

The coffee shop patron never asked her what she did with it.

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Thanks for all the great stories! Please send me any stories of goodness and hope.


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