Day #16: Getting kids back to school

Day 16

Day 16

Today’s story is about a fantastic lady I used to know.

Her daughter-in-law was teaching at an inner city school in Minnesota at a time when the school was having issues with gang violence.

In an attempt to minimize conflicts the school enacted a school uniform. It was a basic outfit consisting of khakis and a polo-type shirt.

The morning after the uniform code had been put in place, there was a severe decrease in attendance. Many of the families could not afford the uniform, and thus the kids were unable to attend school.

When her daughter-in-law told her what was happening, the woman was crushed. She knew the uniforms were supposed to reduce gang violence, but they had brought about an unforeseen challenge as well.

Although this woman was busy and struggling with her own children and their issues, she decided to act for these school kids. She wrote a check that covered 90 uniforms and delivered it anonymously to the school.

Many of the students were able to return to the classroom because of her gift.

It makes me wonder how many of us are able to give more even when we are stretched to the brim. Maybe a little more than we thought?

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Thanks for all the amazing stories. Please keep your stories of good news and generosity coming my way.


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