Day #18: Now that’s love.

Day 18

Day 18

Today’s story is about someone in particular. A friend’s grandmother with a special strength.

The woman’s dad died when she was three. When her Mom wasn’t married to her step dad, her and her sister were raised by her Grandparent’s.

When she lived with her Mom they didn’t have much, if any, food, and they were forced to stand on the street corners and hand out information on Jehovah’s witnesses. 

Her mom was always concerned mainly with herself, and focused more on her own hardships rather than those of her children. 

Nowadays her mom is in a nursing home. Sadly she still tends to focus on the things going wrong for her.

Despite the roughness, her daughter still lovingly visits her several times a week and helps her with just about anything she asks for. Now that’s love. Constant and patient amidst rough waters.

Thanks for the stories, and please keep them coming.

Any stories of good news, generosity and kindness are welcome.


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