Day #17: Bringing caffeine to all

Day 17

Day 17

Today’s story is from a co-worker who works for a local coffee company.

Two weeks ago she was working at the register at the coffee shop when a woman came in.

“Hey! How are you doing?” she asked the woman.

The woman replied, “You know, not great actually. But I’m gonna turn it around.”

With no further explanation, she bought herself a tea, then left $20 at the register to use towards other peoples’ drinks. Her gift covered another 6 or 7 people that day.

This story amazes me. When things are going wrong it’s hard to get outside yourself, let alone think about how you can brighten up a stranger’s day.

I love this story, and hope it provides some brightness and inspiration to anyone having a rough day.

Embed from Getty Images

Please keep sending me your stories of generosity and kindness.


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