Day #19: A healing gift

Day 19

Day 19

Today’s story is about a woman who was given a gift in a time of need.

It was last summer when she was diagnosed with her fourth round of cancer. It was at this time that she was also asked to join a bible study.

One sunny summer morning, soon after she had joined the group, one of the woman in the bible study presented her with a gift. It was a medallion blessed by the Pope–one side displayed Our Lady of Perpetual Help and the other, the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The woman said it had been a comfort to her mother, who had suffered from cancer, and to one of their friends, who had worn it for years through her battle and eventual triumph over cancer.

The woman placed the medallion around her neck and asked her to wear it. She tried to protest, but the woman was insistent. She was sincerely taken by the gesture and wore the medallion daily, only removing it to shower.

A few months later she was traveling through a busy airport and in the chaos of security removed her medallion for screening. It wasn’t until she arrived home that evening that she realized she no longer had the necklace.

She called the hotel, but it wasn’t there. She called the airport, but they told her to try back in a few days.

She filed a report for the missing necklace. She felt sick to her stomach but continued to call the airport for assistance. Eventually the woman at the airport came to recognize her voice and asked her to stop calling.

She worked up the courage to tell the woman who had given her the medallion what had happened, but the woman wasn’t mad. “Don’t worry about it,” she said. “It’s no big deal. Maybe someone else needs it more than you.”

It was a comfort, but she couldn’t give up the search. She scoured the Internet looking for a replacement and even investigated while on a trip to Italy. She looked in every church and cathedral, even the Vatican, but found nothing similar.

Then one day the woman who had given her the medallion asked to see her. The woman handed her a box. Inside was the medallion!

Originally the woman had had two medallions, but had given her sister the other one a long time ago.  When the first one had gone missing, she had gone to her sister and inquired about the other one. Her sister insisted she didn’t wear it often and when asked, willingly gave it up.

She was so grateful to receive the medallion for the second time and to this day wears it continuously next to her heart. “Any other person would have felt bad that a cherished family heirloom was lost.  But not her!  She goes and finds a replacement for ME!  It was supposed to be the other way around…I was going to replace it.”

Even better at her last CT scan in February there was virtually no sign of disease. The medallion is her reminder that God loves her and is always with her.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Please send me your story of good news. Big and small, I want them all. Thanks!

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