Day #22: A grandfather breaks the mold

Day 22

Day 22

Today’s story is about a man who was unafraid to break the norms during his life.

I heard this story while attending my good friend’s grandfather’s funeral. I had known the man, but not the true depth of his kindness until I heard this story.

The man worked for a advertising company in New York during a time when white males ruled the office space.

He had rising up in the company and was well-respected. That is until he hired the first African-American man the company had ever employed.

When he was questioned about his hire, he simple said insisted “he was the best for the job.” And he was.

My friend’s grandfather eventually left the company and moved onto to other things.

A few years later he was out playing golf when he met a man on the course. The man had worked for his old company in New York. Not only that, but he had been mentored by the man who my friend’s grandfather had hired on. For some time this man, and his mentor had been the only African-American employees at the company.

This man on the golf course went on to say how he had risen up the ranks of the company and how he never would have gotten a chance had it not of being for his mentor.

The two men parted as friends and went on to live their separate lives, with a common thread that would always tie them together.

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Thank you for your stories. Please keep sending the good stories my way.

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