Day #21: Caribou Coffee employee returns checkbook

Day 21

Day 21

Today’s story comes from a co-worker.

On BOGO day at Caribou last week, she treated her team to beverages — a nice afternoon pick-me-up. It’s possible she got too distracted by the hubbub of ordering four drinks. Or maybe she got sidetracked trying to answer the daily trivia question. But the end result was the same: She left her checkbook and some important papers on the counter.

She didn’t realize these documents were missing until Saturday when she went to pay some bills. After a moment of panic, she figured it had just dropped out of her wallet in her desk drawer.

On Monday, she checked the desk drawer at work. Nothing. Gulp.

She checked her bank account. No activity. Whew.

Caribou flashed in her mind, but she was now convinced it was in her car.
It wasn’t.

On Tuesday, she made a mental note to call Caribou after the morning rush. She was really busy all day at work, so by the time she remembered to call Caribou, the store was closed.

Things were not looking good.

She got home that night and saw the message light blinking on the answering machine. She pushed “play.”

“This is the manager at Caribou Coffee…”

The manager told her that she had her belongings and that she would put them in the store safe until she could reclaim them.

The manager had to have done some old-fashioned sleuthing to find her…possibly even utilizing a phone book in the search?

However she found her, it was an act of real decency that prompted this manager to go the extra mile and seek out someone who was most likely in panic over having misplaced some important belongings.

The manager could have just waited until the customer came back to the store looking for her stuff, but instead she chose the harder route and took action herself. Really great.

And I’m sure the brand loyalty has only increased for my coworker and her team.

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Thanks for the stories and please keep sending them my way!

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