Day #23: Thankful for those fighting for freedom

Day 23

Day 23

Today’s story is another story of thanks.

A friend was traveling through Europe a few years back at a time when many of our soldiers were oversees. It was a few days before Thanksgiving and they we’re stuck for a few hours in the Amsterdam airport.

The airport was very busy with everyone traveling to be with family.

Everyone was excited and the airport seemed alive with activity. Except for one area, where about 12-15 American serviceman were quietly camped out waiting for their flight. They were somber, and you could tell by the looks on their faces that they were not going home. This group would only be traveling farther from their families.

As my friends’ family passed by the servicemen, her father’s happiness over traveling with his family suddenly turned. He realized he couldn’t just walk by this group without doing something, anything that was in his power.

The father settled his family in some chairs while they waited for the flight and went back over to the shopping area. He purchased a selection of cheese, meat and cracker packages and brought them to the soldiers.

He shook the hand of every serviceman and thanked them for everything they were doing and how much it was appreciated.

He said he hoped the packages would make the next few hours at the airport pass easier, but most importantly he wanted them to know they cared.


Thank you for the amazing stories.

Please keep sending your stories of good news my way.

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