Day #24: A loan of good will

Day 24

Day 24

Today’s story is about a woman who was finally given another chance.

This woman had been having a rough go of things and had run into some debt. She went to several banks asking for loans, but they refused.

One day she was going to a new bank to open an account for her son. It was only a few days into the Lenten season, but she had recently begun praying that she would have peace with the things she could not control.

It was then, about a week after she started praying that things started to change. The banker she was opening the account with began asking about her financials. She shared the struggles she had been having with getting a loan, and the banker agreed to look into it.

And for the first time ever, the banker came back with good news. She said the bank could give her the loan.

The woman was so thrilled and touched and moved by what had happened. This chance had revived her spirit. She continues to pray, knowing she will have help carrying her burdens.

Thanks for all the stories!

Please keep them coming!

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