Day #25: A thank you for all the little things

Day 25

Day 25

Today I just want to send out a thank you for all the stories I’ve received thus far.

As a reminder this blog is a 40 day compilation of good news stories. Anything from the treating a stranger to a coffee to saving lives, I’ve loved getting to share all these stories.

All these stories have reminded me how much the little gifts we get every day make such a difference.

So here’s a quick thank you to all the little things that have made my life a little easier:

– Walks with co-workers on rough days

– Surprise coffees when the thing you’re craving most is caffine

– Random notes of kindness when the morning already has you down

– When a roomie washes a dish you really didn’t want to clean

– Having the walkway shoved after a blizzard

– When someone offers to help carry your bags because your hands are full

– And yes, even when someone tells you there is something on your face or teeth or whatever…because they know a moment of embarrassment is better than a day of it

Thanks to all of you that make my life and the lives of those around you better everyday.


Please continue to send me more of your stories.


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