Day #26: Fighting for the cure…one green mohawk at a time

Day 26

Day 26

Jason Brett, Software product manager at Silverpop, first shaved his head a few years ago. Not because he thought he would rock the look, or because he wanted to feel the wind on his scalp, but because he was tired of watching children suffer from cancer.

Brett joined the St. Baldrick’s movement and promised his friends and family he would shave his head if they could raise $1,500 for childhood cancer research.  He fell a little short of his goal, but still shaved his head…for good measure.

This year, inspired by the winning fight of another child’s battle against cancer, Brett decided to set his goals a little higher, as well as the stakes.

On a Monday morning he sent out a blast telling his friends and family that he would shave his head into a mohawk and dye it green if they could raise $2,000 of his goal $3,000 by March 15.

By the end of the day Monday, Brett was shaving his head and dying his mohawk. His family and friends had all pulled together to garner the $2,000 donation in ONE day!

Brett exceeded his $3,000 goal and is now a very happy bald man.

Thanks Brett!

Keep sending you stories of good news my way. I can’t wait to hear more of them and feature them as part of the 40 Days of Good News challenge.

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