Day #28: Why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover

Day 28

Day 28

Today’s story comes from another coworker.

She was home from college for the summer and having a rough time of things.

She borrowed a book from the library and as she was reading stumbled upon a note. It said “you are beautiful.”

The note seemed to have been written for her. It instantly gave her comfort and a relief to the pain she had been enduring. She was unsure if the note was intended for her, but either way she saw it as a gift.

The pleasure she got from finding the note inspired her to pay it forward. She wrote 20 encouraging notes, with the help if her best friend, which said things like “you are loved,” and “have a great day.”

After writing the notes, the girls took the sheets of paper and stuck them random books around the library. They hoped others would unsuspectingly find the notes and be comforted by their messages.

These hidden notes remind me that comfort can be found in the most unsuspecting of places. I hope many others were comforted and inspired by these little encouragements.

Notes of encouragement

Notes of encouragement

If you have any stories of good news, please send them along so I can feature them as one of the 40 days of good news.


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