Day #27: Panera Bread’s email love letter

Day 27

Day 27

Today’s story is about a law school student in CA, who spends a lot of time at Panera Bread.

With all the time spent studying for school this law student found a home away from in Panera Bread’s huge comfy couches and never-ending soda machine.

She knows nearly all the employees and after watching her study and write briefs, they all say that she has convinced them to never consider law school as a second profession.

Lately, the staff has had her soda and go-to order ready before she even walks in. When they’re not busy, they even fill up her soda glass and drop off pens and highlighters (since she exhausted the one’s her mom gave her for Christmas).

For all their kind thoughts and actions, she was thoroughly grateful.

So grateful in fact that she sent an email to her cousin who works in the IT dept of Panera in St. Louis, MO—asking him to relay her message of praise to the Panera corporate contacts for the branch, if possible.

The next time she went to Panera she was met by a watery eyed manager.

“Hector, are you okay?” she asked.

He said something along the lines of, “You will never believe this.  I don’t know how someone all the way out here in California had contact with a high-level official at our corporate office, but one of the customers here sent an email on my behalf to that person and it was forwarded to the entire corporate office.  I don’t think that has ever been done before, and I just cannot believe it happened to me.”

He was elated.

She almost started to cry in seeing how touched he was and how much it meant to him.

To this day Hector doesn’t know it was her that sent the email. She wanted him to think it could be any one of his regular customers.

Thanks again for all the stories. Please continue to submit your stories of good news.

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