Day 31: Family takes in a struggling teen

Day 31

Day 31

Today’s story is about a family that took in a teenager in trouble.

The family (mother, father, and three young boys) was living in Colorado when they met a young man about the age of 17. The young man was living with his father, and struggling with alcohol.

He was fighting with his father, and they we’re becoming more and more estranged.

One night, after a severe fight, the young man called the family in need of help. He was at the end of his rope and ready to end his life.

The family asked him to come to their house and when he got there talked him down. The young man insisted he couldn’t go home, so the family invited him to live with them.

For three months the young man lived with the family as he got things together.

As much as they tried, eventually they lost touch with the young man.

Fast forward a few years, when the family was planning to move out of Colorado. The father was having misgivings about the move, and worried it might not be the right decision.

He was out biking in the mountains one afternoon when another biker pulled up beside him. “Hey,” said the biker. As the biker pulled off his helmet, the father realized this was the young man they had housed a while back.

The young man went on to say that he had been sober for four years, and introduced his fiance who was biking with him.

When the young man finally biked off, the father realized he had done some good things in Colorado and that he could leave the state feeling good about his time spent there.

This family chose not to ignore the person in need at their door. They welcomed in a young man who needed help. Amidst a busy family life, work and their own hardships they found a way to open their homes and their lives to lend a hand.

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Thanks for the stories, and please keep them coming.

Has anyone ever shown you an act if kindness or generosity? Have you ever done something for others? Please send your stories to share via the form below.


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