Day #33: Bumping into a little good will

Day 33

Day 33

The story for day 33, of 40 Days of Good News, comes from my boyfriend.

It was one of those days where nothing seems to go smoothly. Projects don’t get finished, meetings get postponed, etc., etc.

The last thing he wanted to do after work was drive through Uptown in rush hour traffic. But because I needed a ride home from a meeting, he did it anyway.

On his way to meet me, I began texting him more information about the exact location.

In the split second it took for him to look down at the text, his car had hit the woman in front of him. He was only driving about 10 mph, but even so, it was enough to jar them.

Immediately he apologized and took responsibility for the accident. They took a look at the damage, and while it didn’t look like either of them was going to need a new bumper, there was a pretty evident scratch.

He insisted he would pay for the damage and went to grab his insurance information out of the car, but before he could, she stopped him.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said.

He insisted, but still she maintained that the situation was not that bad and that things would be fine.

When he finally got back in his car and the woman drove away, he saw that in her rear window hung rosary beads.

He left feeling extremely grateful and thankful for the understanding of a woman who could have chosen to be vindictive instead of forgiving.

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