Day #32: Minnesota SnO Nice

Day 32

Day 32

Day 32 of 40, is a story I posted earlier in the year, but which is too good to not share again.

While we bear one of the coldest and snowiest winters in Minnesota we are also continually amazed by the kindness that shines through the 6-foot tall snow banks.

Although everyone has their stories of this terrible winter, I was blessed with a shocking remembrance of why Minnesota is so amazing…despite the weather.

Friday evening, after the huge snow storm that coated the roads in ice, I was driving to the gym when I saw a car stuck in the intersection, obviously trying to get into the alley way. I pulled to the side, flipped my hazards on and asked the woman if she could use some help.

As we started to push, another woman and her son walked up and asked if they could help. They started directing the driver as we pushed. A moment later, another woman appeared and began assisting in directing traffic around the car.

Total strangers helping = 4 (including myself)

As we were strategizing another couple walked up and asked what they could do to help. In most places, people would see this group of 5 pushing a car and would just continue walking by, assuming that things were under control. NOT IN MINNESOTA. We have all weathered the hardships of winter in Minnesota and know how difficult and lonely it can be to experience car troubles, so when we see others in those situations our natural reaction is to help. Also, most of us have experienced the help and kindness of others, so we feel the need and desire to pay it forward.

But the story doesn’t end there…

As the 6 of us strangers are working with this couple to make traction, another man walks down the street towards us with a bag of sand in one hand and a shovel in the other. He begins carving out the snow under the tires and pouring sand under the wheels. With all this help it was only minutes before we had the car in motion and all the way to their parking spot up the alley.

The couple was in shock at the help they received, “where did you all come from?” They were so thankful and I left feeling grateful and awed at the generosity of strangers. While generosity is found everywhere I can’t helping thinking…”only in Minnesota!”

If you have any story of kindness and generosity to share, use the form below to submit them.

Thank you!

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