Day #35: Willing to Give More

Day 35

Day 35

The story for day 35 comes from a friend from work.

Five years ago, her future brother-in-law, completed chemotherapy and radiation for a grade two astrocytoma brain tumor. He battled through aggressive treatments and the tumor had remained stagnant until this last Fall (2013).

With a 1-year-old daughter and wife in tow, he began a grueling chemotherapy treatment. He remained positive, even when the treatment caused an allergic reaction.

As treatment continued on, the family began planning for ways to allow others to contribute financially.

They built a website for awareness and planned several charitable events. The set a monetary goal and began spreading the word to friends and family.

By the day of the event, the campaign had nearly reached the financial goal. The event that night provided more than they could have hoped.

Friends, family, friends-of-friends, and more came out to support the family and the cause. The silent auction, clothing sales, raffles and donations helped to raise 3 times the expected financial contributions when all was said and done.

Some of the most memorable moments of the evening, included complete strangers walking up, inquiring about the event, telling their own stories and experiences with cancer, and then handing over large donations for a man they had never met.

It never ceases to amaze me how much people will do for people they hardly know, or for that matter, don’t know at all.

Thanks for the stories, and please continue submitting your own experiences. All stories, small or large, or remarkable acts of kindness are welcome.

Please send your stories via the form below.


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