Day #34: Little kid, big heart

Day 34

Day 34

Today’s story comes from my friend’s mother.

She wrote me a story about her daughter, who as a little kid, displayed a big heart for giving.

The little girl was spending the night at her friends house. The friends family was new in town and we’re struggling financially despite working hard to make a go at things.

The little girl came home the next day and unpacked her bags, but her toy, the Little Pet Shop collection was no longer with her. This was a treasured collection for the little girl, one which she had been building up with little accessories and animals.

When her mom asked her about the toy, the little girl told her mom that she had left it at her friends house, because she wanted her friend to have it.

It may sound like a little thing, but anybody who has been around kids, knows how much they cling to their favorite toys or dolls or nick-knacks.

This sacrifice was a real act of generosity and I’m sure a powerful memento to her friend.

Thanks for all the great stories and please keep sending them to me!

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