Day #36: Anonymous Gifts

Day 36

Day 36

Today’s story comes from my good friend.

She was struggling through a day of work after having learned that her good friend, who had been sick for some time, would most likely not make it through the weekend.

She was holding back tears all day and couldn’t wait to leave so she could finally let them out.

Per usual Colorado winter it had been snowing all day. She was dreading walking out into the snow and then getting stuck in traffic.

As she walked out to her car, she noticed that someone had gone to the effort to brush off her car and scrape her windows free of ice.

This sign of kindness was so overwhelming that she immediately broke down and cried for a good 10 minutes.

To this day she doesn’t know who gave her this gift, or why they we’re inclined to do so, but she is sure they will never know how much this little gesture truly meant to her.

This story is a great reminder of how the smallest acts can cause the greatest difference in someone’s day, week, month and even year.

Please keep sending your stories of goodness, and kindness for the 40 days of good news.

You can send me your stories via the form below.


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