Day #37: Bagging Blessings

Day 37

Day 37

I’m pretty lucky to have friends and family who are creative as well as giving.

Last winter my friends put together bags of goodies to hand out to men and woman they met on the streets. The bags included some snacks and hand warmers, which in MN are crucial.

They gave some of the bags to myself and my boyfriend to hand out as well. He handed out his fairly quickly. When he was out he made a trip to Costco and refilled about 100 new bags to hand out.

He even included a couple extra items like Emergen-C and Capri-Sun, because he figured people would be thirsty as well as hungry.

This was at a point in time when we were just moving back to the cities and were in between jobs. He took what he had and decided to give a lot of it back to the community in a way that was personal as well as useful.

Apparently, Pinterest has some good recommendations for what to put in bags if you decide to make some yourself.

This is a great idea to teach children about service.  We will definitely be doing this for the holidays

Thanks for the stories and keep them coming. Nothing is too big or too small for the 40 Days of Good News.

Send your stories using the form below.

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