Day #38: When good intentions go awry in the best possible way

Day 38

Day 38

This story comes from a friend at work, right here in Minneapolis.

For a while, my coworker and her boyfriend used to meet up downtown and grab lunch together at a nearby common ground. It became their spot.  And most everyday they would encounter a man, whose lunch consisted of mustard packets.

He kept to himself, not asking anybody for anything, just eating his few packets of mustard.

The couple, hoping to provide this man with a more substantial meal, purchased a $25 Bruegger’s Bagel gift card and planned to give it to the man the next time they saw him.

As life would have it, they never saw the man again. They continued eating lunch in their usual spot, but the man did not return.

They were disappointed but time went on—and the gift card remained in her wallet.

Down the road a bit, my coworker’s boyfriend came in contact with another man who seemed like he could use a good meal, or at least a pick-me-up. He planned to give the Bruegger’s gift card to this man the next time he saw him, but oddly their paths never crossed.

About a month later, my coworker and her boyfriend we’re on their way to eat lunch when a middle-aged man approached them and told them he had just gotten into town, but had his wallet stolen in transit. He was very polite and asked if they wouldn’t mind helping him get something to eat.

They said yes and without thinking began heading towards Bruegger’s Bagels. The man was so sincerely thankful and moved by their graciousness.

On the way to the eatery my coworker remembered she still had the Brueggers gift card in her wallet.  She pulled it out and handed it to the man. He thanked them profoundly and continued into the restaurant with tears in his eyes.

The couple couldn’t help but feel the gift had found it’s intended recipient.

Goes to show that even the best laid plans sometimes don’t reach their goals, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t successful in different ways.

Thanks for the stories, and keep them coming. Fill out the form below to submit a story of unexpected kindness and/or generosity.

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