#40: A Son’s Gift

Day 40

Day 40

What would you do with $5000? No strings attached, no fine print, and no restrictions.

Honestly, I think I’d head to the store or take a trip.

My friends’s brother had plenty of things he could have done with the money, but he chose to do something different:

A few years back the family lost their grandfather, a great man who spoke his mind and had a huge heart for his family, especially grand kids.

He left each grandchild around $5000.

Well, they were all touched and of course, had many uses for it from college costs to house repairs. The second oldest son used his money in a very different way.

One day his mother came home from work, teaching 7th and 8th graders, to find he was installing a new garage door with an electric opener for her (until that day she always had to get out and lift up the door manually). In addition he had bought flowers for her garden (the one she had been worried about not having time to plant) and planted them throughout her garden. She was moved to tears by his generosity and love he showed for her!

Thanks to everybody who has already shared stories. Keep them coming.

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