40 Days of Good News

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of hearing more about the heartache, violence, pain, and destruction of the world rather than the goodness, kind acts, generosity and friendliness that I know happen on a daily basis. It’s not about denying these things exist, but rather choosing to focus on something more uplifting.


A few years back I was living in Colorado when a boy, the same age as myself, walked into a movie theater and opened fire on a crowd of movie-goers. 12 people died and 70 others were injured.

I found out about the attack when an out-of-state newspaper called me at 4:30 a.m. to cover the story.  Although stunned, and in a bit of shock, I accepted and spent the remainder of the following 2 days traveling from hospitals to the shooter’s apartment to local schools. I talked to hundreds of people and heard many stories. Of all the things that happened that tragic morning the thing that struck me most were the tales of those who had witnessed or had themselves acted in assisting others amidst the chaos.

One couple in particular told me how they had been ushered out of an adjoining theater only to be thrust into a terrifying scene of people screaming, bloodied bodies, and cries of the injured and scared faces. They didn’t flee. They stayed—even though they had no reason to. More than that, they began to help. They carried injured away from the theater, tried to reunite family and friends, and attempted to provide some comfort to the frightened although they themselves could not comprehend.


Those are the stories I want to focus on. Over the next 40 days, I hope to provide a new story every day that displays the hopefulness, goodness and light of those around us. I want to pull back the curtain on the everyday good deeds that go unnoticed or unappreciated. So, send me your stories, small or large, that you’ve seen or been a part of. I really need your help to achieve this goal, which I have been hoping for some time to accomplish.

Thank you!

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